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The Belted Kingisher (female)

Watching Our Scenic Rivers

STIR's Mission: to protect and preserve the Illinois River, its tributaries, and Tenkiller Lake

Understanding Important Oklahoma Water Issues

Simple Ways You Can Protect the Illinois River and Tenkiller Lake


Rationale for Scenic Rivers Numeric Phosphorus Limit

Oklahoma's Scenic Rivers Phosphorus Limit

Second Watershed Agreement Between Arkansas and Oklahoma

Illinois River Watershed TMDL-U.S. EPA TMDL Page

Phosphorus levels are trending downward in the Illinois River and tributaries with the exception of Flint Creek which is impacted by point and nonpoint pollution sources.


Read selected reports in 2014 to the Arkansas-Oklahoma Arkansas River Compact Commission.

Water Quality Trends at Different Flow Regimes

Water Quality Trends Chart of Total Phosphorus Concentrations

The Illinois River At Watts, Oklahoma

The Illinois River At Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Tenkiller Lake Water Quality Impairments

Oklahoma Average Annual Total Phosphorus Loading

Comparison of Geometric Means to Scenic Rivers Phosphorus Criterion and Oklahoma Impaired Waters List (303d list 2012)

Read selected reports in 2013 to the Arkansas-Oklahoma Arkansas River Compact Commission

Chart showing streamflow, Illinois River at Watts, Oklahoma

Although the public is not notified of new or expanding poultry farms, adjoining land owners must be notified about new or expanding hog farms in Oklahoma.  Concern exists that hog factory farms may be moving into Arkansas (and possibly northeast Oklahoma) from North Carolina.  A controversial new hog farm in Arkansas is located near the Buffalo River, America's first National Scenic River.  The Illinois River and Tenkiller Lake have special setback protection from hog farms.  But is that enough protection?

Oklahoma Poultry Feeding Operations Act, Poultry Waste Transfer Act, and Poultry Waste Applicators Certification Act

Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission Rules and Regulations

Oklahoma Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program

Upper Illinois River Watershed Based Plan November 2012 Final

Oklahoma 2013 Poultry Waste and Movement Report

Scope of the Poultry Industry in the Illinois River Watershed in Arkansas

Oklahoma Poultry Production Report 2010-2011

Arkansas 2014 Poultry Waste Report REVISED

Oklahoma Poultry Litter Transfer Tax Credit

Illinois River, Cherokee County, Low Water at Combs Bridge
Ed Brocksmith photo

Turn Around, Don't Drown

Be cautious around flooded streams and lakes...(6/28/15)  

Flood Report for Sunday, June, 28, 2015

Latest information on flooding from the Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission...(6/28/15)   Read More...

STIR Annual Membership Meeting Sept. 26

Save the Illinois River's Annual Membership Meeting and Awards Banquet is scheduled Saturday, Sept. 26 in Tahlequah...   Read More...

Illinois River Crests at Tahlequah

Latest flooding report from the Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission...(6/21/15, 6:30 A.M.)   Read More...

Tenkiller Lake Campgrounds Closed by Army Corps

Flooding has forced the closure of Corps campgrounds at Tenkiller Lake...(6/20/15)   Read More...

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lake Levels

June 18, 2015 lake level information and link for your use.   Read More...

Rivers Commission Considering Alcohol Regulations

A report on the May 19, 2015 Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission meeting from the Tahlequah Daily Press...(5/21/15)   Read More...

Committee States Confidence in Research

Confidence has been given a water quality researcher despite concerns by an Arkansas economic development organization...(4/14/15)   Read More...

Ihloff Salons Supporting Scenic Rivers

Aveda and the Marilyn Ihloff Salons are again helping protect Oklahoma Scenic Rivers and Tenkiller Lake as part of their good corporate citizenship...(4/3/15)   Read More...

Right to Farm or Right to Harm? That is the Question.

Going through the Oklahoma Legislature is a farm lobby-backed measure called Right to Farm. Some believe it could wreck havoc if passed by lawmakers and approved by voters...(4/9/15)   Read More...
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