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[Archived] Tenkiller Lake Level Report

| TENKILLER LAKE NEWS | April 21, 2017

Lake Level update from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The current level is 620.51. This is about 11.5 feet below the normal pool level of 632.00. This is not of our design. The schedule called for the lake to be brought down 9 feet for the completion of the spillway. We would have started this about the first of November but we were already below that level. The current plans are for the lake to be held at 9 feet below normal for the spillway work. Therefore if we receive sufficient rain and inflow to bring the lake up, the level will increase about 2.5 feet and we will try to hold it there until the construction is complete. As I understand it the contractor will soon begin the final excavation and upon completion of that and some associated work we should be ready for the lake to begin the return to normal level. This should occur with the spring rains. With a normal spring we should be back to normal well before summer.

The dropping pool level continues to cause problems with boat ramps. More of them are becoming unusable as the lake drops. Safety should be used when launching and boating on the lake due to the many safety hazards that now exist due to the low lake level. The other side to this is that we have been able to take advantage of the low lake levels and make some much needed repairs to many of the boat ramps around the lake. Additionally our Construction Division has a contract ready to award for boat ramp rehabilitation work and road improvements at Chicken Creek South. As soon as the budget appropriation for FY 06 is received, they plan to award this contract.