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Report to the Arkansas-Oklahoma Arkansas River Compact Commission
The phosphorus level at the Oklahoma border with Arkansas remains greater than our limit for scenic rivers. Below are selected reports from the October, 2016 meeting of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Arkansas River Compact Commission...(posted 12/11/16)

Selected reports on phosphorus in the Illinois River watershed presented to the Arkansas-Oklahoma Arkansas River Compact Commission, October, 2016.

The total phosphorus level at Watts, Oklahoma (near the Arkansas-Oklahoma border) averaged 0.068 mg/L for the period 2011-2015, a 62.1 percent decrease from the base line data from 1980 to 1993 (.204 mg/L phosphorus and 124,832 kg/year phosphorus).

Oklahoma's phosphorus limit for designated scenic rivers is 0.037 mg/L.

"When only lower flow data from 1999-2015 are analyzed, all stations demonstrate a highly significant downward trend."-Report

"When all data from 2999-2015 are analyzed, all stations demonstrate a high significant downward trend."-Report

"All stations show some significant downward trend when only higher flow total phosphorus concentrations are considered.-Report


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