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Death of Dr. James H. Boren
Humorist and author James H. Boren passed away today in Tahlequah, OK... 4/24/10
Dr. James H. Boren of Whitesborro, TX passed away this morning in Tahlequah.  He is survived by his wife Norma, two sons, a brother and sister.  Jim was a WWII veteran, serving on the USS William C. Cole destroyer escort in several Pacific Ocean battles.  Services will be held at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday in Tahlequah at the Green Country Funeral Home.  Burial will be at the Ft. Gibson National Cemetery.

Jim Boren's career included service with the U.S. Foreign Service Agency in Latin America, Administrative Assistant to the late U.S. Senator Ralph Yarborough, an internationally known humorist and speaker, an author, and an artist.  He was an adviser to Save the Illinois River, STIR, and enjoyed digging errant bureaucrats and polluters.  He created the "Order of the Bird", a potbellied bird sculpture which went to the U.S. EPA and to an Oklahoma Legislator.  His statement; "I don't like clean water because it tastes funny" will be remembered as will his more famous statements including; "When in doubt, mumble; when in trouble,k delegate; when in charge, ponder"; 
and "bureaucracy is the epoxy that greases the wheels of government."  He jokingly proposed "poultry Pampers" to help solve chicken litter pollution.

He was author of "How to be a Sincere Phoney, a handbook for politicians and bureaucrats".

Boren founded the International Association of Profession Bureaucrats, INATAPROBU and the International School of Applied Ignorance.  He ran for President of the United States and his slogan was "I have what it takes to take what you've got!"  He also was a candidate for Oklahoma U.S. Senate.

Jim Boren was a former International Professor of Political Science at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah and often spoke to high school students about the U.S. in WWII.  He was the only American ever to serve as a correspondent for Krokodil, Russia's humor journal.  Boren traveled to 58 countries.

In 1964, Boren organized the volunteer Partners of the Americas, today's largest program of volunteers in the hemisphere.

Jim was a cousin of David Boren, President of O.U.

Jim loved his former five-acre "tick ranch" near Tahlequah where he liked to drink Scotch with friends and shoot his 45-cal. pistol.

We'll miss Jim's creativity, humor, and wisdom.



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